Newest Project: '73 Dart

Recently, Adam has gotten his hands of a dream project of his- a 1973 Dodge Dart. It's old, has some rust but it has a promising future.For this first update, we want to show some of the beginning work he's done to it. 



 When the dart was pushed in, it had a Chevy 440 V8 that started, this is good because he'll keep what he can. Regardless, everything was gutted and sandblasted. He addressed a pressing issue of the rust, particularly the belly pan in the rear. Coincidentally, this is Adams desired location for his fuel cell. 



The 440 will stay, but some decision still have to be made. For example, should he have an EFI live throttle body injector system, or a 4 barrel carb? Additionally, he'll need customer headers, so he'll need to make some room. This leads him into the suspension and his intentions. Adams planning for coilovers in the front to eliminate torsion bars so he can gain more room for the custom heads and gain more modular ability for the suspension system itself. For the rear, Adams considering a 4 link suspension and coilovers to eliminate leaf springs. But nothing is set in stone, the possibility of bagging it has also been discussed.



It's coming together quite quickly, and the future for this resto-mod is looking promising. Make sure to stay up to date with our latest projects, and sales by subscribing to our newsletter here.