Engine Brake-in Procedure:

Engine oil and filter must be changed by us, Northwest Rally Sports, at 500 miles and 1250 miles (750 miles after the first 500 miles).

During the first 500 miles it is imperative that no boost is applied to the engine, no more than 30% throttle is applied at any time, and engine rpms not exceed 4000. We recommend that you shift at 3000 RPM. It is good to allow the engine to compression break at times to aid in seating the rings. Do not drive long distances at consistent engine speed as this will inhibit the rings from properly setting in.

During the 500 to 1250 mile interval (750 miles) it is okay to bring the engine revolutions up to 5000 RPM as needed, no more than 50% throttle should be applied, low boost can be applied to the engine during this step in break-in (up to 7psi). Your vehicle has been tuned to limit boost to waste-gate spring pressure. All waste-gate springs are not created equally. Do not rely on your spring pressure to limit your boost. Be aware of manifold pressures and take it easy until the break-in is complete.

If the above instructions are not strictly adhered to, all expressed workmanship and part warranties will be null and void. We do not offer a warranty on engines that are being installed into vehicles that have been open source tuned, road tuned, or tuned by a non-accredited shop.

Regular maintenance to your vehicle adds life to your car.